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How to add signature in Gmail

How to add signature in Gmail, PDF files, Google docs and Outlook

Why do we need a signature at all? Having a signature identifies the document with its user. Just as in real life when you sign a document it is irrefutable proof that you have read and accepted the details of a document so does a digital signature identify you as having written or agreed to the details of a document. A digital signature is also important when trying to make an impression on an email on behalf of your organization. If it is a personal email then you must include your name, your email address and contact number. On an official email your signature should include your name, designation, company name, address, contact details. In this article I will discuss how to add your signature in Gmail, PDF Files, Google Docs and Outlook.

How to add signature in Gmail:

In your Gmail account toggle the setting icon. You will observe that just below Quick Settings there is the See All Settings button click on this. There you shall be taken to the settings page as you scroll down you will see the Signature: therein click on +Create New button and add the signature that you want. Then you will get options on the signature defaults, i.e. an option for which kind of mails do you want your signature to be used. The first option is for New Emails and the second is On Reply/Forward. If you wish your signature to be in both select my signature for both options if not you can select my signature for either of the options. Once you have made the changes be sure to select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

How to add signature in PDF files:

Once you open Adobe Acrobat Reader, in the tool bar you will see the Fill & Sign tab. Click on the Sign tab and select the Add Signature option in the menu. When you select Add Signature there will be a pop-up option which will prompt you to Type, Draw or Image. Select the option that you want. If you want to add an image as a signature you even have the option of resizing the image.

How to add signature in Google docs:

In Google Docs whenever you add a document or open one in your toolbar you will see the Insert tab. In the Insert tab select the Drawing option from the drop-down menu. If you already have a file saved with your signature in Google Drive then select that option. If not then select the +New option. Then you get to create your signature either as a Text Box or image. Once you have created your signature save the changes and apply your signature wherever you want in the document.

How to add signature in Outlook:

In Outlook open a new email and in the Message menu select Signature. When in the Signature menu choose New to create a signature and type a name for your signature. Click on Edit Signature and compose your signature. Outlook even has pre-designed templates which can be downloaded in Word format and customized with your personal information.

That is the way you create signatures in different formats. I hope this has been helpful to my readers.

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